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Rory - Foxing [x]


Rory - Foxing [x]

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You Blew It! – Good For Bond, Bad For You (3,257 plays)


You Blew It! - Good For Bond, Bad For You

sink or swim, you’re drowning in 
what’s left of your confidence. 
we’re watching you try way too hard.
everything that you claim you’re into, 
you’re nothing to get attached to.
I wish I was brave enough to say this all to your face, 
but you’ll hear it anyways from everyone around you.

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– white people ordering food at a mexican restaurant (1,352,393 plays)


damn it

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Alice and Jillian dressed up as Adam and Blake


Alice and Jillian dressed up as Adam and Blake

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Sometimes I get v scared and tonight is one of em


Our friend Ally Newbold came on tour with us recently and put together this awesome video (with the help of Matt & Marshall Klein) with footage of awesome being idiots. We are heading to Europe / UK very very soon with Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate). Come see us act like idiots over there

Filmed by Ally Newbold (

Edited by Matt & Marshall Klein

Euro Tour w/ Empire! Empire (I was a Lonely Estate)

  • 04.04.14     Germany    Köln     MTC
  • 05.04.14     Belgium   Zoersel     Jh JoeNiz
  • 06.04.14     UK     Brighton     The Green Door Store
  • 07.04.14     UK     Kingston     The Fighting Cocks
  • 08.04.14     UK     Plymouth    White Rabbit
  • 09.04.14     UK     Norwich     Epic Studios Norwich
  • 10.04.14     UK     Glasgow     Classic Grand
  • 11.04.14     UK     Leeds     Cockpit 
  • 12.04.14     UK     Manchester Star and Garter
  • 13.04.14     UK     London     Lexington – Matinee Show  
  • 13.04.14     UK     London     Lexington – Evening Show (SOLD OUT)
  • 14.04.14     France    Paris     Glazart 
  • 15.04.14     Germany     Darmstadt   Oettinger Villa
  • 16.04.14     Italy     Milano     Lo-Fi
  • 17.04.14     Austria     Wien     Arena
  • 18.04.14     Day Off
  • 19.04.14     Germany     Berlin     Cassiopeia
  • 20.04.14     Sweden      Örebro     Kulturhuset
  • 21.04.14     Sweden     Stockholm   Bergsund Strand 43
  • 22.04.14      Sweden     Gothenburg  Majornas Aktivitetshus 
  • 23.04.14     Norway     Oslo     Revolver
  • 24.04.14     Germany    Hamburg     Headcrash
  • 25.04.14     Germany    Marburg     KFZ
  • 26.04.14     Germany    Stuttgart     Juha West
  • 27.04.14     Germany    Bielefeld     AJZ

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every episode of Leslie Knope

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im not a nerd or anything but this anime shit go hard

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Bad Batch is sounding so fucking good. Fuck. I’m so stoked.





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Red light

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